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What We Offer

14 Lesson

Learn basic knowledge of trading in the Forex market.


Inherit trading tools that will take your knowledge to the next level. Learn how to set up your charts for success.


Learn how to use chart patterns and techniques to better predict potential price movement.

Fundamental Analysis

Analyzing all available data and their value in the market.

Daily Analysis

Led by Samantha with her analysis.

Goal Setting & Risk Management

Learn how to compound as well as the importance of risk management.


We will provide you with Samantha’s very own pre-trading checklist and daily rules to mastering the market.

Welcome To Currencies Over Coffee

Our online course is tailored to fit your lifestyle. Upon joining our community, you’ll receive lifetime access to the material found in the course as well as access to our community chat led by your mentor. Our students will learn the language of the Forex market through our 18 hour program. We have spent years in the market using the fundamental and technical analysis tools we teach in our course. This is to ensure our students transition smoothly from a demo account to going live!